Self hosted form submit API - Free Download -
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Self hosted form submit API - Free Download -

Sent API is a self-hosted API allowing you to submit forms from static HTML sites across the web. The API takes your form data and turns it into a nicely formatted email. It’s the ultimate solution for handling forms on static sites!


Simply add a custom ACTION attribute to your form pointing to your API url, and Sent will handle the form submission and send you the form data in a nice email (the submissions are also stored inside a database for easy management)

In the examples below, “yourdomain/sent” would in real situations be replaced with the URL pointing to your own API and “” with the email address to which the data should be send.

Sent API features

1 minutes setup using the easy install script
Form field validation
Form submission using regular email address OR email ID (to hide your email address in the API url)
Handles file uploads with a breeze (adds them as attachment and optionally stores them on your server)
HTML and/or text emails
Custom confirmation messages
SPAM detection (using a custom SPAM words and/or phrases)
SPAM detection using a honey pot field
Use as public OR private API
Advanced options using custom hidden fields
Easy to use admin panel to track submissions, email ID’s and attachments
Easy configuration using settings panel (part of the admin area)
API Requirements

Apache2 server
PHP 5.1.6+
MySQL (mysqli support)
(Windows/IIS is experimental)
Server capable of sending mail (i.e. sendmail) OR
Access to a STMP server (ie gmail or your own server)
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April 13, 2019
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April 24, 2019