Fess Up Anonymous Confessions - Free Download -
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Fess Up Anonymous Confessions - Free Download -

Easy to get started and use, Fess Up is a simple, easy to use, web-based Anonymous Confession Application written in PHP/MySQLi. Post Confessions and comment on Confessions. Administrators have full control over all Confessions, Comments, Users, Ads and more.


Guest Features

Anonymous Confessions & Comments
Anonymous Voting
Video Confessions
Image Confessions
All Views and Voting is IP based, limiting repeats

Registered User Features

Simple Login and Password Recovery
User Profile Manager
Manage Confessions and Comments posted while logged in
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Admin Features

Full Administration area to manage all Users, Confessions, Comments & Advertisements
Unlimited User Accounts
Deactivate & Activate Users as needed
Deactivate & Activate Confession & Comments
Deactivate & Activate Advertisements
Admin only area to manage All Registered Users
Create & Manage User Accounts
Full control over settings used throughout Fess Up

App Features

Fully Documented & Clean Code
SEO Friendly URLs
Social Sharing of Confessions via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & LinkedIn
Custom Profanity Filter and CAPTCHA
No Frameworks used, Fess Up is fully hand coded from the start to finish
Easy to use web-based installation & set-up
Translation ready via Localization files
Fess Up is Built using Bootstrap 3.3.5 & Fontawesome 4.4.0
Fess Up REQUIRES PHP 5.x & MySQLi Connection, and mcrypt_encrypt / mcrypt_decrypt

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Last download:
January 11, 2019
Last view:
April 24, 2019